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Let Go, Let God

There are seasons when this can be extremely hard to do.... let go. I am in that season and maybe you are too. You might feel like God isn't doing his part or the way you want it. The truth is God knows exactly want we need and how to help us get there. We are not alone, but one thing he ask us to do is LET GO. After we let go and give everything to God, that's when we can walk confidently in our calling and allow him to build our character. Let go, Let God it's worth trying it! The let-go part is what we can control. The let God part is what we can't control. Let go, Let God is where your faith is tested and you can see for yourself if you truly trust him. He will not fail us, he knows what we need. Take a deep breath and realize he is bigger and has a better plan. He is so good!

If you need more encouragement check this out!


Kailee Grace

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